Can'y figure out what is wrong, please help

Ok, so a about a week ago I got my entire home set up with GE switches and dimmers (about 14 of them). Everything looked like it was working awesome (with exception of one switch that ST would find but not control in any way). Well, for the past two or three days, all the lights in the home randomly turn off several times a day. There does not seem to be a correlation in the time that it happens and there there is no event trigger that I can think of that would cause it. Funny thing is it does not turn off the fans at all. That makes me think it is a command coming from somewhere.

Only two causes I can think of are:

  1. A Aeon minimote (DSA03202 v1) that button 4 is programmed to turn all the lights off when pressed. However, no one is around the minimote when this happens, unless the cat is trying to mess with my head.

  2. Amazon Echo does have a command for “All Lights” so she can shut off all lights. Of course, no one is talking to Alexa when this happens.

Is there a log in ST that might show what is triggering these “blackout” events and the device that is sending them?

One a side note, because I just remembered, anyone know why ST would see the bathroom switch but not control it? Anyway to fix this besides taking it out of the wall and getting a replacement?

Thanks all in advance!!!

To try and troubleshoot why your lights are turning off, log in to the IDE, then go to “My Devices”. Click on one of the lights that are being turned off, and then click on the “List Events” link. That will list all the events concerning that device. See if that gives you a clue. You can also try looking at the events for smart apps that you suspect to see if they are sending the commands. You’ll find those events under Locations->Home->List Smart Aoos.

As to the switch not being controlled, is it further away than other devices? You can try and exclude / include it again and see if that helps.

Thank you @Dan999, It looks like it is the SmartApp “Vacation Lighting Director”. It is set to cycle 2 lights on/off each hour when my phone and my wife’s phone is not present and only between 1800hr and 0600hr. But it is running all day and no matter who is home… I see an entry every hour. Hummm… So now to figure out why…

As for the switch, it is in a wall right behind my bedroom switch which works flawlessly. I did try to exclude and include it a few times. Each time ST finds the switch. Well… It IDs the switch after a bit… Sometimes, I need to go in manually and set up the switch because the ID process times out… But I will try it again to see what happens…

I remember an issue in the app from a while ago where it had an issue with crossing over the 12am time. It was fixed but maybe it’s popped back up.

You can also see what triggered them off in the app. Go to your thing and select the recently tab. May also be worth checking your presence devices around that time to see if they are quickly cycling between away and present.