Lights & Switches Category Showing Wrong Data

@smart, you’ve already mentioned that your system is infested with gremlins…
Have you gotten the shaman in there to perform that exorcism yet?

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I will get it done soon though… :wink: Now that I think about it, I may have bought a haunted house…Waiting on two dropcams today (missus’s idea… not mine…) so do you think it can capture ghostly images?

I’m having a few problems with the tile “lights & switches”.

  1. I have a new device type for the switches, and if I create a shorcut using this kind of swtiches, the shorcuts doesnt show when the light is off. If i turn it on, i’m able to see the icon.

  2. If I turn off the device from the shurtcut it goes to the state “na” and starts to turn it on, na, off, na until I turn it off using the tile for the switch indid.

Here are some screen shots: