Lights & Switches Category Showing Wrong Data

I’ve noticed that after the last update to the hub, the Lights & Switches category in the app (android) keeps showing “Some lights are on” all the time, including when all lights are verified off in the app. I have logged off, wiped the app data, and logged back on with no change in status.

Appreciate any help!


@tyler there you go! Another case for you… :slight_smile: I have been facing this last few days on iOS 8. But it worked fine for me today. Last night I removed everything from that’s section and added it back.

OK, so I just removed everything from that section but can’t figure how to add them back under that same section since it now disappeared! Any ideas?!?


I am assuming you meant from lights and switches. There is an option to auto import existing switches. I used that option.

Problem I have is that there is no Lights & Switches section anymore so I can’t get to the auto import switches and lights! I’ll wipe the data and start over.

Dont wipe it… Hold on

I have been noticing this as well. Hopefully it gets fixed!

From dashboard click + sign, actions, lighting, add shortcuts for lights or switches… As far as I remember this will create the lights and switches tiie. Thereafter you will get the option to add new ones or import existing ones. Let me know if this helps.

Thanks!!! I scanned through quickly and missed it in that location. Trying it now.

I don’t want be the reason for a sleepless night for you. I have a wife and too many girlfriends… sT has been keeping me out of trouble!

Thanks again. That also fixed the constant “Some lights are on” message. It was driving me crazy seeing the message when I know that all lights were off. I can now sleep better!

All well? Before I go on my sleep mode!

I never saw this section. Is it created when you add actions for your lights and/or switches?

Yeah! 20 characters.

I too am having the same issue with “Some lights are on” status when no lights are on. I’ve been going back and forth with support and they said it was a known issue that they were working on. The status isn’t the only thing that’s been bugging out. When I change icons for some light switches, they’re correct in “Lights & Switches” but not in my grouped “Things.” I guess I’ll have to wait for a fix to be released.

Have the same status as you from support.

I have at least 11 switches and lights that report the wrong state and show nothing in the log for recent activity. I have really delayed response from some of my switches that used to work perfectly? In fact, my entire Christmas lighting plan does not work this year because of these problems. It worked great last year…bummer.
I believe it is the hub firmware causing my issues, too.

I am having the same issue. I was hoping the last firmware update would have corrected the problem. Keeping an eye on this thread for updates.

Slightly off topic.Today my Doors and Locks on the dashboard was showing incorrect status. It was closed but showing up as open. Checked the IDE as well as under Things and it was actually closed. Deleted the Front Door from Doors and Locks section and re-added it and its now showing the right status. Go figure…