State of lights/switches incorrect in iOS mobile app

(Michael) #1

How often are folks seeing incorrect state in the iOS app? I recently setup a new routine to turn on my house lights at sunset and opened the app to check on the status this evening. I, somewhat randomly, noticed that another light was showing as “On” even though it was quite clearly off (I was looking at it). This is the 3rd time this has happened in only a week of my using the ST hub. I gas patio heaters which are on ZWave switches and the other day one of them showed as on while I was at work. Pretty worrisome, but it turned out the heather was not on, just showing as on in the app. I had a Vera hub that never had this kind of false positive. Is this a regular occurance with ST?


Smartthings is having some major issues going on three days now. See below:

I really don’t understand how their backend processes could be so delicate and fragile. Every day, they seem to be putting out fires just to keep thing working and only just barely at that.

(Ron S) #3

Yes. For me it has been weeks now on iOS including doors and pretty much everything!

(Michael) #4

Well, I noted that they are taking the service down on the 29th for a couple hours of maintenance. Let’s hope there are some bug fixes being checked in.

I also notice that you can confirm a false positive on On state if you look at the notification log and don’t see the On action despite the switch showing as On. Appears simply tapping the switch back to Off in the app puts you back in a healthy state.