Lights on arrive home

I’ve had my SmartThings a while now, and it had finally stabilised… Until a couple of weeks ago.

I have a Hue bulb which is triggered to turn on as part of the “I’m Back” program when someone arrives home. Now, instead of staying on, it comes on for about a second, and goes off. Other Hue apps are working as normal leading me to think it’s an ST issue. I’ve rebooted both the hue and Samsung hubs just in case, and it still happens.

Anyone else having this issue?

haven’t noticed,

you may want to look at resetting the profiles associated with the tasks (in addition to the already reset done on the hub)

Unclear if you are affected by random glitches or that the new scheduler has rolled out to you or not.

I"d check your device and smartapp logs to see why

Cheers gents. Logs taken and sent to ST UK support. Will see. Incidentally, it only appears to be when arrival home is detected by a presence sensor. If I manually run “I’m back”, the light stays on.

I found the same, it used to work but now it take 2-3 hours to set “im back” so i have to do it manually