Settings for GE dimmer switch with motion sensor?

I set my kitchen lights to turn on to 40% when I walk into the kitchen anytime after 8pm. It’s simple and great.

But there are some times when I am already in the kitchen with the lights full on at, say, 10pm on the weekend, and when I trigger the motion sensor it dims them to 40%.

How can I set the lights to only go to 40% when the lights are currently off, but if the lights are already on, do nothing? There must be a setting I’m overlooking.

Thanks in advance!

This is not available in the official features, but fortunately the community has created a sophisticated rules engine which can do this, and there are many people in the community who will help you set up the rule to do exactly what you want. :sunglasses:

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this is crazy. i know you’re not the person to complain to, and i thank you
for your help, but this is a FAR cry from consumer friendly.

i started down the CORE path but it’s way too fragmented and complicated.

smartthings has a LONG way to go before it’s going to work for the general