Lights not turning on from motion

Title says it all. I’m officially calling this company DumbThings from now on. I can turn the lights on via the app and the motion sensors are reporting motion but not turning on any of my lights.

Hey, just got a notification from ST. Check status site if at all it is related! :wink:

I am sick of the instability with this platform. It never gets any better. This company will never survive as a mass market consumer product at this rate.

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You took the words right out of my keyboard. :confused:

It has been months with frequent cloud-hub outages and dependable presence issues. I upgraded to the V2 platform early on the promise & premise that I would have local hub processing to eliminate these possible cloud based issues.

Now I live with less dependability that I had with my X10 and PC system from the 1990’s. :rage:

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