Hub V2, room lights going out even with motion

Hi all -

My Hub V2 migration went off without a hitch, but I’m having a few issues. I’m using all the same devices that I had with my V1 Hub.

First of all, I have a kitchen where the lights are set to go on with motion, stay on if the motion continues, or turn off after 20 minutes of no motion. My motion detector is sensing the motion and turning on the light, but then lights go out exactly 20 minutes later, even with a bunch of activity in the room.

Also, some of my timed lights (i.e. turn on at 7:30pm) are not going on.

I’ve rebooted the hub a few times, but the problem continues. Any thoughts?


sounds like you have old smartapps still acting on the devices. They may not appear in the phone app.

You should log into the IDE at
and see what smartapps are acting on your troublesome device(s). I THINK you can delete the troublemakers from the IDE.

Thanks. I did check that just now and I had an old TCP lighting setup on there. That may have been tied to the kitchen at some point, and in any case I was able to delete it. I’ll check it again when I get home.


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Well, I deleted the old TCP lighting stuff last night, rebooted the hub, and then the light went out on us again this morning when we were all in the kitchen moving around. I even had new batteries in the motion detector.

The detector worked great before with the old V1 hub. Also, the log says “11 minutes ago, detected motion” and then “9 minutes ago, motion stopped” (when I left the kitchen)… but if I have a 20 minute window set up before it turns out the light after no motion, should the log even say “motion stopped” just two minutes after motion was detected?

A minute ago, I walked through the kitchen and the light didn’t come on at all (usually instant), and then it finally came on two minutes later after I’d walked out and then in again.

With hub V1, I would have said this was a cloud issue – delays or difficulties communicating with the cloud – but the new lighting app on hub V2 is running locally, if I’m not mistaken. The hub is literally six or seven feet above the kitchen light and motion detector, in the office upstairs.

In any case, the setup worked fine before with the V1 hub (light on on motion, light off after 20 minutes of no motion).

mine has been working well on V2 but I only use a 2 minute delay and very rarely does it turn off when we are the room. Kitchen btw.

I am seeing this too with a turn-off after no motion time of 3-5 minutes.

When configured to turn a light on via motion and off after x minutes the light will initially come on with motion, but even when the room is active with motion (and seen via the motion sensor) the light will turn off after x minutes. It will not come back on with motion for some time causing you to have to press the light switch and then eventually repeating again…

After a few more issues today, I swapped out the motion detector with another one that I had sitting here. It’s a new one, so I “started fresh” by pairing it with the hub and then adding it to the smartapp. So far, it’s working OK. I’ll cross my fingers and report back tomorrow.

Brian, if you don’t have an extra motion detector lying around as I did (?), maybe you can try removing the detector from the smartapp, removing it from the network, and then re-adding it to both to see what happens. That seems to be technically pretty much what I did, and so far it’s working again.

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