Motion triggered light problem

(Jody) #1

I am having issues with my lights not triggering on motion and not turning off once motion has stopped. All of my motion logs are reading “motion: inactive null” or “motion: active null” in the logs.

@urman any ideas what is going on here?


I had an issue with one of my motion sensors where I had to pull the battery to reset it. It was showing constant motion but works perfectly after pulling the battery for a few seconds.

(John Esher) #3

Ditto this using the SmartNight Using Hue app over the last two nights. On with motion as expected, but then never turning off.

(Andy) #4

Similar issue experienced: Here’s my setup:

-Kitchen Lights (Z-wave wall switch)
-Motion Sensor
Customize and control the Kitchen Lights:

  • Turn on when a door or window is opened ==> Switch responds correctly.
  • Turn on when there is motion
    Choose motion sensors (s) ==> Lights turn on OK upon motion detection
    Turn off when motion stops (ON)
    Wait this many minutes to turn off after motion stops. = “2”

Whenever “Wait this many minutes to turn off after motion stops” is set, lights don’t turn off.

(Scott) #5

I’m having issues all over the place, the list grows longer everyday …

SmartAlarm was not DISARMing either on return home, or due to things starting to happen in the morning. Fixed the disarming issue by commenting out several lines of the code as mentioned in the “Smart Alarm is Here” thread. Now SmartAlarm DISARM seems to be the only thing that is triggering automatically.

Yesterday I noticed that while SmartAlarm DISARMed automatically when I crossed the geofence, and the MyQ triggered to open the garage door, the Schalge lock did not auto-unlock, lights were not turned on, thermostat set point did not change.

This morning, SmartAlarm auto DISARMed when things started happening, and mode changed from NIGHT to MORNING. But lights did not turn on, thermostat did not adjust.

Though the 2nd floor motion did trigger lights in bedrooms on the second floor to turn on this morning, they did not turn off after X mins as they were supposed to.

When opening the garage door this morning to take the dogs out, the garage, porch and patio lights turned on, but then did not turn off X mins later when the door closed.

When my daughter left for school this morning, and pulled the front door shut behind her, the Kwikset lock did not auto-lock 2 mins later.

I have a Hello, Home trigger to turn off all lights, and adjust the Thermostat down a few degrees at 10 minutes after sunrise. It is now 20 mins after sunrise, the Hello, Home trigger has not fired, all lights are still on.

So in summary, I have a VERY expensive home automation system, that is not functioning automatically at this point.

@Ben & Smartthings Staff - any ideas what’s going on? Everything was working perfectly until you did your “Emergency Update” last week. Some kind of info / comment would be appreciated.

(Ron S) #6

Same here… I am sitting in office and manually switching things off. Please do let support know. I have already done this. Hope they will at least acknowledge that something is going on. They are very prompt and responsive but the poor guys need some sleep too. :slight_smile: So, please wake them up by reporting it.

(Scott) #7

I just copied my post above, and sent that to them.

I just tried manually triggering the “Turn Everything Off” Hello, Home command - ST App responded with mode change from MORNING to HOME (as it should), but then did not turn off any lights, or adjust thermostat. Arrrgghhh!!!


My motion-sensing lights aren’t turning off either. Noticed it last night.

(Ron S) #9

Guys, can we move all these reports to “SmartThings Downtime and What We’re Doing” so that we all get their attention and one place to get statuses. It is one of the pinned thread in the community