Lights not responding before 7AM/ No timers

So I have a Philips hue bridge, a couple bulbs, and I’ve linked those bulbs with my Amazon echo dot. I’ve had these for a good 6 months or so and never had a problem.
As of about 3 days ago, the first time I say “Echo, turn on the lights” in the morning when I wake around 6:45, she tells me "Lights is not responding"
I tried it a couple times, then eventually went into my Hue app and flicked them on with no problem.
I get ready for work, and when I’m ready to leave at about 7:20 “Echo, turn the lights off.”
“Okay” and off they go. This has happened every morning the last three days. It only happens first thing in the morning. When I try turning them off and on again once they’ve begun working, and when I get home from work, everything works just fine. I’ve power cycled both the bridge and the Echo dot, and I’m not sure if anyone else has had a similar problem/solution?

Is this with a connection and sharing through SmartThings or directly Hue to Echo?

But… Probably a cloud hiccup of the Alexa service having an issue communicating with the Philips Hue service to coordinate turning on the lights. Once the connection gets re-established, either manually (flipping the app) or Alexa waking up, then things continue on. It happens… more than any like it to.