Philips Hue A19 bulbs not responding to hub

I have several A19 bulbs installed in the house and which work perfectly with my Echo Alexa. I just bought and installed a new A19bulb and I cannot get it to work properly. It responds to Alexa turn lighs on/off commands but, is not recognized when I ask for it to be turned on or off individually. I have renamed it, swapped it with one of the older functioning bulbs, rebooted the Hue hub, and changed Zigbee channels. Every time I get the same result - the older bulbs work perfectly, the new bulbs (I have tried more than one) only respond to the global turn light on/off command. Any suggestions?

Do you know if the bulbs have updated to the latest firmware? Just to correct you - it is a Hue bridge not hub :slight_smile:

Did you have Alexa discover new devices after adding it?
Can you find it and control it from within the Alexa app?

The latest updates were downloaded and installed. One for
each bulb that I tried from the pack.

DOH!! What a newbie mistake. I will have to check that the next time I go to my friends place - I was trying to add the lights for her. Thanks!