New Echo to replace 1st gen - Hue lights no longer work?

Hi all!

I previously had a gen 1 Amazon Echo and a Dot. It was well seasoned and integrated with my smarthome, including with smartthings and phillips hue. During the Black Friday Sales, I bought two gen 2 Echo’s to replace what I had.

I set the two devices up, powering down the old and all was working well…for about a week. All of a sudden, when I ask Alexa to control my hue lights I will receive “Living room lights aren’t responding” or “Phillips Hue isn’t responding.” The integration appears to be broken, no longer working.

However, I can still control my GE switches through smartthings without issue. Oddly enough, if I plug in my old gen 1 Echo, once it boots up, everything works with out issue. The minute I power it down, the problem returns.

In the Alexa App, going to the device to try and control it there also states, in a gray error banner “There is a problem communicating with this device” or something to that nature. I have tried running a re-discovery, including pressing the button on the hue bridge.

All other integrations with Hue still work fine. Smartthings, the hue app, the third party apps - everything but the Echo.

Any idea what could be causing this or how to fix it without removing the entire Hue device and scene family from my Echo and starting all over again?

Any help is appreciated!

Ask Alexa to “Discover my devices” and press the Hue hub button. That’s the first step.

I probably mentioned already that I tried that! No change. I also tried removing and re-adding the hue skill. I bit the bullet and wiped out the Hue - > Alexa integration and set it up all over again, which fixed the problem.

Sorry, I missed that line in there.

Glad to see a wipe/reset fixed it, but never fun having to set it all back up