GE Bulb Suddenly Stops Working With Echo!

NO idea what happened, but I came home and suddenly the smart hub GE lights no longer go on or off after working for weeks!!

Anyone else experiencing this???

also it seems the smart hub channel on IFTTT isn’t working either? Is it just me?

Flip the switch to off… Come back a few minutes later, turn them back on and see what happens…

That’s what I do.

yes I’ve turned them off, removed them, re-added them, reset the device, reset the hub, removed and re-added them to the echo app, etc

the alexa app sees them fine and discovers them, it just refuses to control them suddenly for no reason at all

Did you wait a few minutes when you turned them off?

How are your other zigbee devices working?

yes, i did, the philips hue are working fine and control fine, thats the only other stuff i have

amazon echo support said samsung did something and update or something because of CES and they have been getting calls all day, things work then they don’t etc - how true that is i dunno

Yesterday, everything stop working for me and I had to reset the hub (unplug, take out the battery for 15 min) and then after that, things started working again.

i did a work around, i put the bulbs n the philips bridge and it works now fine

amazon is actually sending me a free wink hub because he felt bad my stuff stopped working with echo!!

can’t beat amazon customer service lol

I am. 5 GE bulbs and they will not work with Echo. I can turn them on and off via ST.

Same thing just started happening with me too. Fortunately I have a Hue Bridge as well so it looks like I’ll be adding them back to that.

It’s a shame because you have more control over the fade rates and such when connecting the GE bulbs directly to smart things, but since echo has no support at present, I don’t really have a choice.

This just happened to me too.

all integrations are currently broken. locally processed routines will work, but anything which depends on an integration - ifttt, echo, etc. - will fail. OAuth was b0rked by a premature code push. developers are working on it, we are told.

My Echo is working again, I assume the issue has been resolved.