No status updates with Hue lights when using Echo?

I have just started moving more from utilizing ST just as a Smart Home platform, to Home Automation. Because of this, I am beginning to leverage Routines more. I have a “Good Night” routine, which shuts all the lights off and ensures the door is locked.

Typically, I will use Voice commands to the Echo to turn lights on. For example, “Alexa, turn on the dining room light”.

However, when I do this, I am noticing that ST is not updating the bulb status to on. Instead, it says the lights are still off. Therefore, when I run the routine, nothing happens since it already believes the lights are off.

From a previous thread, I was told that I should have the Echo communicate directly with the hue hub. Therefore, the Echo see’s the Hue hub natively and the bulbs are not authenticated through the Echo ST SmartApp. I was told this would create duplicates.

However, am I to assume that ST isn’t polling the Hue system? Do I have to remove the Echo -> Hue integration and Authorize all bulbs through the ST SmartApp instead?

@JDRoberts, any ideas here? The more I dive into routines and automation, the more I’m having an issue as any light I turn on via the Echo will not show as ‘On’ in SmartThings, even after 20 minutes. I only tag you because you helped me with my initial Hue/Echo/ST setup lol.

Thanks in advance!

SmartThings is supposed to be polling the Hue bridge every five minutes for the light status. If you’re not getting any updates even after 20 minutes, but you can still turn the lights off from the SmartThings mobile app, then there’s a problem. Unless they changed the polling pattern again. Did this used to work for you?


The scheduled polling should happen every 5 minutes. Last week there was an outage on the scheduling server so it is possible that the subscription stopped. To restore the subscription go to SmartApps, Hue’s service Manager then just click “Done”.

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@JDRoberts, I honestly am not sure if it worked previously as I’ve never checked since it didn’t matter. I always used voice commands and that always worked. However, now that I’m using automation and routines, the state of the bulbs are very important. So when the routines weren’t working, I realize this issue was the culprit.

@juano2310, When I get home later tonight, I will do the subscription restore and report back.

Thanks for the help, Gentleman!

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