Phillips Hue Bulbs not all turning off - Suggestions?

I have currently 5 bulbs added to my Phillips hue, and I have each one set to “Turn off when people depart”, using the SmartThings app on iOS.

The problem seems to be, fairly consistently, not all of the hue bulbs turn off as they should after leaving the house. (I have verified via the ST app and the Hue app that the bulb is indeed on). It also isn’t consistently the same bulbs that don’t turn off - Sometimes it’s one, the next day its another, sometimes 3 of them are left on.

I’ve made sure that all timers and geofencing settings on the Hue are removed, I even performed the “clean up” from the hue app to remove everything. I’ve also verified that no other devices or settings should be interfering with the lights from SmartThings (timers, motion sensors, etc). Everything seems to work when manually changing modes in “Hello, Home” also, but in practice, at least one bulb gets left on when I leave home.

Does anyone have any suggestions, or is there a better SmartApp for turning all of the lights off? (I’m currently setting it bulb by bulb)


Seems like this is pretty common. Same with my setup. I have 10 hue’s among other things and when I enter “goodnight” 99.9% of what is supposed to happen actually happens. Not all the time. More times than not everything works. Let me know if you get anywhere on this.

I’ve re-done the way my rules are set up, and it seems to be working.

Instead of putting a location based rule into an individual “thing” (Individual phillips hue bulb/switch), I’ve uninstalled all individual rules and am using the “Goodbye” hello home action to “Turn off these lights or switches”, and have selected all of my bulbs.

Using the Goodbye action instead of individual actions, everything has turned off the past 2/2 times (Which I’ve never had happen).

Been there with my setup. There’s just holes in the execution of all of this and that’s about it. I’ve made zero changes the past few days and now I’m sitting here with lights not turning on after motion, my sonos refuses to play anything I set it to play with motion despite me deleting the smart app and reconfiguring it. Price to pay for beta use I guess. Going to let it be for today and give fixing it a shot tomorrow. I’d like to see a little more “set it and forget it” though.

I used to have this problem as well. It is your router. It ain’t fast enough. I upgraded mine to the $250+ range and all my lights work PERFECTLY. It is amazing. Unfortunately the more stuff you add the more slow/unresponsive it gets. I have 19 hue lights and 11 sonos, my sonos efs up all the time. I have to sit with my router one day and tell it what to do. I always do lose connectivity when I change wifi names or password on hue or anything else conmnected to the lights. But I never have the RANDOM LIGHTS problem anymore. So, get a better router, things will start to work. It did for me.

I have an AirPort Extreme that hasn’t given me issues up until recently. What are you using?

So the OP is using 5 incarnations of one app to turn off 5 lights based on one sensor input. Would be nice if Hue Connect supported groups, then it could be done with a single command.

And currently transitiontime (one of my favorite things about Hue) is also not supported. And of course, if you add a lamp, it won’t find it unless you delete Hue Connect and everything related to it, and start over from scratch. “Alpha”, not beta.

Until ST gets Hue straightened out, I control all of it using scripts on a mac mini using the Hue API. A smartapp sends a string to the server via an HTTP GET, and the server runs the script controlling the Hues. It has been rock solid for weeks.

If you have a mac that’s always on and would like to try this, search on HAM Bridge. I’d link to it but this board does not support linking on mobile browsers (maybe it is beta as well). (c;

Would LOVE Hue Light groups!

So far after switching everything to the single “Goodbye!” rule, it has been executing flawlessly… However it will continue to be a problem as I add more Hue bulbs and add them to WeMo motion activation.

That’s exactly what I’ve been wanting to do ever since I’ve had ST in place. I have a server set up to control the hues via the API but have been relying on weak integrations like dropbox and automator folder action workflows to get communication from ST to my server for things like motion and presence and what not. Would you be willing to share the code for your smartapp that sends HTTP GET requests? That would make my whole month.

Already shared; look for user shared apps with HAM Bridge in the name.

Got it up and running. Thanks!