Lights and shm; no custom monitoring rule for lights?

In custom monitoring under shm, I can use different devices like doors, but not lights.

So I have a rule that will notify me if the garage door is left open for more than 30 minutes.

Is there a reason that lights are not included in the list?

Would like it to notify me if certain lights are left on for some time.

Version 1 behaved this way. A glance at the dashboard showed you the status of pretty much everything you chose to set up, albeit with a huge amount of the available screen real estate occupied by white space and a stupid graphic. We were told back then that the wasted screen area was a placeholder for something more to come… it didn’t.

In 2.x, we got SHM, which seems more unfinished than the never finished version 1.x. Clearly SHM is focused on emergency situations (burglary, fire, flood), and SmartThings made the decision to abandon displaying the true status of your smart home from the dashboard.

Wished I had a better explanation, but I don’t think there is one.

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Is there some way to create a virtual door or something that follows the state of a light and use that for the notify if left on after 30 minutes or something?

Also. I tried to use the app in marketplace notify me when but I did not see to set it to only notify after 30 minutes if left on or something?

SHM is meant as an alarm/security/home protection system and not if you left a light on.

You can create rules in SmartLighting (its under “Power Allowance”) to turn off after xx minutes. With CoRe you may be able to send a message, for sure once its out of Alpha.


Thanks for the tip with smart lighting.

I just setup a rule with that now

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Let me know if this works. I set up something similar with smartlighting and it doesn’t work. If a light is left on for 20 minutes it is supposed to shut off, but it never does.