Smart Home Monitor Custom Rules aren't sending "Light Level" commands?

I’ve tried creating a custom rule in Smart Home Monitor that turns on a couple lights to 80% when triggered by an open door sensor. Currently opening the door does issue commands to turn the lights “on” (assuming they aren’t already), but never seems to issue any Light Level commands to 80% as the rule is configured for. I’ve tried recreating things several times and have been monitoring things in the developer logs. Level events never come through.

Has anyone else noticed this, or are Light Levels working for some of you in custom SHM rules?

ST is having some issues that are being worked on. Some things are getting fixed before others.

Not really sure what problem you are having however myself and others are having great success using a custom SmartApp created by @bravenel called Rule Machine.

Here is a link to it. More options and you can do pretty much anything you need with it. Rule machine - as per the app developer, this app is no longer available for new installs, distribution, or support

Good luck.

Thanks! I’ll give that a shot. Ultimately I was hoping SHM would work since it’s supposedly local, but I’ll certainly give Rule Machine a try also.


When you say “smart home monitor” do you mean “smart lighting?”

I see the first tab which is smart home monitor but I do not see where you can set actions.

I use Smart Lighting also, but I was talking about Smart Home Monitor. When you are in Smart Home Monitor and choose “Configure” from the menu, there is an option for “Custom” below Security, Smoke, and Leaks. Outside of setting levels, it was working fine for me.

Cool, I did not know that option was there!