Door sensors and lights--override the Light shutoff timer if the door is still open?

Hello I have a question, the light on my garage goes on when I open the door and stays on for 2 minutes but I need to make a rule that if the door stays open the light stays on. Is it possible to do it? I am using smartlightt

Sorry I misspelled, I need the light to stay on

Are you using SmartThings to turn the light off after two minutes, or is that something which is built into the garage door Device and would happen without smartthings at all?

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The switch is just a door sensor not a garage door opener if that makes a difference… I am new to this and not to familiare with the language yet

For clarification. The bulb that is being turned on, is it screwed into the socket in the actual garage door machine, or is it a bulb somewhere else in the garage?

It’s somewhere else in the garage.

Create two Smart Lighting Rules. One for when Door is Opened and one when Door closes and turn the option off for “Turn off when closed”. That way it doesn’t turn off after “x” number of minutes.

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Thank you, I will try it out!!!

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There are other ways you can accomplish this (webCoRE, Routines, etc.), but because you are using Smart Lighting (also have the ability to run Locally versus cloud if all devices involved are also running Locally), this is the better approach. Now if your qualifications to trigger get more complicated than just opened and closed, you will want to to look at other avenues. Just FYI :slight_smile:

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