Lighting Director issues


Recently my Lighting Director automations started to fail.
They mostly turn on the light when there is motion but do not turn off when motion stops.

I know that LD is an old and unsupported app. But I couldn’T find a good replacement to it.
What can I use ?

is there any known issue which might cause failure of turning off the lights in case of no motion ?

thanks. I’ve already seen that.
But since the “turning on” part is working and the problem is on “turning off” , I believe it is not a generic automation issue.
any ideas ?

I’ve moved one LD automation to Core
it works.

CoRE or webCoRE? At this point, you may want to focus only on webCORE.

Are your motion sensors reliably going inactive? My motion sensors only report active motion and rely on the device handlers running a timer event to set motion inactive. For the last few days they have often not been running the timer event handler and so have been stuck on active much of the time. This might be related to published issues, though I am in the UK rather than the suggested problem location of ‘the Americas’ (I am a UK user in all respects but my assigned database shard, so I never know if issues specific to the US apply to me).

core still works fine and I really don’T prefer webcore.

actually now they work fine. so I don’T know if the root cause was motion sensors.