I "think" I'm trying to do something simple

2 Questions: Not sure if i need CORE or WebCore. I have both, both not used since I don’t know how. Here is what i want to do.

I have 2 motion sensors in a hallway (call it FrontSensor and BackSensor) + 2 Hue Color Bulbs.

What I’d like to do: If between 11:00PM- 5:30AM, then turn light on when motion on either sensor and set level 25% (turn off after 3 min if no motion). If after 5:30AM-11:00PM, then turn light on at 75% of the brightness, turn off after 3 min.

2nd question is: Do I need Core or WebCore? Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks.

PS I use the Smart Lighting app for everything but need a more sophisticated automation for the hallway. Thanks.

Use WebCoRE, it has many more features than the older CoRE.


Yes I have viewed that but where I am struggling with is knowing what to chose for what I want to do. For example, here I try to turn on 5 Dining Room lights if there is motion but then turn off after 4 min if there is no motion, all between the hours of 5:00AM and 10:30PM. But the piston isnt working at all. :frowning: .

it doesn’t even turn them on? I can see what it’s not turning them off, but it should be able to turn them on at least.

The reason that piston will never turn them off is because you have the OFF part nested inside the ON part. Or in other words, the inactive part depends on the lights being active (the way you’ve got it constructed).

Also, for the inactive part…you could just say “stays inactive for four minutes” or you could put in a wait inside the with part of four minutes.

Bottom line, move over to WC, go to the WC forum…ask us questions there. We’ll help. :slight_smile:

Thanks Mike - will do. A tad frustrating… but still learning here. :slight_smile:

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Why not just use smart lighting?

First of all, you do NOT need the turn on and set level function for bulbs. Simply do the set level. Also, what is the timeout your motion sensors are set to before they report back Inactive? I use the built in timer in my motion sensors rather than using Webcore for some of them. Here is one of my motion sensor sketches. I have an overarching override switch that turns off all automations at the top and also this doesn’t turn the lights off if I manually turn them up to 100% because this is for my bathroom.

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@Automated_House Today, I do use SmartLighting for everything but I need more options that I am trying to figure out. For example, if it’s before 5AM, and there is motion, I want the lights dimmed but after 5AM-10:30, I want them brighter. I didnt see a way to do that with Smart Lighting.

Really nice. I am taking baby steps but there is a lot to learn. I really like your override. I need to think through that.

You just make two rules. One for each time range. Assuming your motion sensors are Iris, this would keep the automation local, too.

hummm… they are Iris.

Only if the lights are standard DTH’s too. Check the IDE to see if you devices are local or cloud. If you have one device in a SmartLights rule that isn’t local the whole thing goes to the cloud.


You don’t need the 2nd IF statement.

In your DO:

Turn On
Set Level to 70%
Wait 4 Minutes
Turn Off

The Motion Sensor goes back to Inactive within that period of time.

I think i need to research this Cloud vs Local thing. I am not sure I have deliberately done either. Normally just take the defaults.

hey @Automated_House - I wanted to try SmartLighting for what I’m trying to accomplish. Is there a way to set the brightness level? I didnt see a way. Between 11PM -5AM I want super dim but between 5AM-11PM I want about 75%. THanks.

yes. Under “What do you want to do?” Choose the option “Turn on and set level”

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@Automated_House Thanks! Worked like a Charm.

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