Lights not shutting off after no motion

Works intermittently. Light set to go off with motion does not always go off when motion is no longer available. Worked fine for days then all the sudden it stopped shutting off every time (still works some times) . It is set to go on only after sunset. Arlo camera is being used for motion sensor. It’s setup in Smartapps under Smart Lighting.

Show us yr settings screen

Look at the event for the arlo camera. Did the motion go inactive during the Intermittent fault? Also look at the event of the light to see if there is an event sent from smart lighting. This will helps narrowing down the culprit.

Just use webCoRE

Way better and more reliable than SmartLighting. IMHO

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I think it’s a little irresponsible to push people into WebCoRE like this. It’s a great tool, but it’s not the only one you should ever use. Moreover, it’s literally less reliable than SmartLighting, because it’s 100% Cloud-based, whereas SmartLighting is local-automation-capable. In this case, the Arlo-camera-as-a-motion-sensor is probably cloud-processed (I don’t know), but using locally-processed DTHs for motion controlled lighting will always run faster, and even without internet, using SmartLighting over WebCoRE.

I currently use SmartLighting to turn on motion-lights (with mode restrictions) and WebCoRE to turn them off, because the delay when using WebCoRE to turn on lights is extremely noticeable, but WebCoRE gives me more flexibility about when I want to turn lights off, and the delay obviously is not noticeable.

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We are all entitled to our opinions. I can tell you that with over 200 devices, I’ve found CoRE and now webCoRE to be way more reliable and flexible than SmartLighting. With SmartLighting, things would just stop working for no reason at all just because it decided that it wasn’t going to work anymore. Local vs Cloud has no significant delay in my setup.

I also promote webCoRE because it’s a great rule engine and one that SmartThings should have as a stock app. YMMV

Please note the OP’s original concern

Furthermore, I believe it’s irresponsible to NOT promote webCoRE. :confused:

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I’m a newbie with Smartthings and I am in the process of learning webCoRE and have just installed it.

Thanks for all the feedback from everyone.

Ray I will monitor the the motion reports that will help.

Chris Thanks for that viewpoint on webcore. Being web based is a good point to consider. The Arlo i believe is cloud based only on the saved recordings.

Ron Thanks for recommending webcore. I’ve looked into it but never enough to install it. Wow 200 devices! I don’t even think I could come up with that many uses. Granted I do have my security and some other systems AC, Garage, sprinklers through different separate systems. With that many systems do you have issues with them going offline periodically. It’s happen to me a couple of times.

Thanks again.

The more you add, the more “tinkering” you subject yourself to. However, I have been running solid for months now. A battery here or there and ST acts up here and there but pretty solid. I have way too many automations to even try to name and majority of them are still in CoRE. I have moved a slew of them into webCoRE and any new Piston I build is in webCoRE.

I have to say that most of my issues went away after I started writing my own rules in CoRE and/or webCoRE. Cloud issues will happen now and again but for the most part I am good.

Alexa has 130 Controllable Devices. The rest consist of non controllable devices such as Motions, Contacts, Humidity, Light, Smoke, CO, Door Bells, Presence, Buttons, Cameras, Tablets, Sound Generators, Sirens, AVRs, PCs, etc…

Haven’t even got to my Blind project! 33 Windows…$$$$ Ouch!

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