Lighting automations stopped working to switch off (April 2020)

Using the new app I have a motion sensor that will detect when I open my bedroom closet and then turn the light on and then turn it off in 5mins. Now all of a sudden it stopped turning the light off. I’ve even tried deleting the device from Phillip’s hue app and smartthings but still no luck. Any ideas?

Can you show a copy of your automation? Can’t help what we can’t see.

At least three people have reported the same problem, lights which are not switching off when they did used to, as having started in the last 10 days or so.

I’m still having problems with the navigation of the new forum design, so I can’t find them for you, but they were definitely there. :disappointed_relieved:

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Ok, found One of the existing threads reporting this problem as something recent:

I was able to move from the light automation over to smart lighting app and it works great

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