Lightify Sylvania Gardenspot

I. Ought 3 sets of these on a deal and never hooked up. Finally, last night tried to set up to find they are sunset product. I couldn’t get the bridge device to connect to my WiFi, nor lights themselves (think they require the bridge).

So basically I now have 3 light sets with no function. I plug them in and are a nice purple color but obvious have no integrated control of them.

Anyone know of a way I can use a different program to set these up? Any insight appreciated.

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What’s the exact model number of the lights? They made a number of different versions and they will have different integration possibilities. :thinking:

They are Gardenspot mini RGB

Here is pics of box

And front


I know this will seem like nitpicking, but the first rule of home automation is “the model number matters.”

Is this yours?

Not nit picky at all. You needed to know full info. Looks like top FCC Id is same but different. Bottom. Here is what I have will send second reply for gateway since I can only attach 1 image being new.

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OK, the good news is that, although you can’t use the bridge device anymore since they shut down their cloud, the gardenspots themselves in that model are Zigbee devices, and you will be able to pair them directly with your smartthings hub. And then you will be able to control them through the smartthings app.

The slightly bad news is that you will need to use a custom edge driver, and I don’t know if you’ve done that before. It’s pretty straightforward.

  1. add the device to your smartthings network. It may add as a Zigbee thing, it may add as some kind of Zigbee light, but you probably won’t be able to do much with it in the app. If it does add and it works fine then you’re done.

  2. if, as looks more likely with this device, it adds, but you can’t really do anything with it, you will need to use a custom edge driver. I will give you the link to the author topic in a minute.

In the author topic, there will be a “invitation link“ to that developer’s channel. you just click on that link, subscribe to their channel, and select the custom edge driver that you want download it to your hub. In this specific case, it will be the “zigbee light multifunction mc.” (MC are the initials of the community developer who is the author. His work is very popular in the community.)

Here’s the link to the author thread:

(EDGE Driver-Mc): Zigbee Drivers for Motion, Open/Close, Moisture, Smoke-Co Sensors and others Devices

The custom driver will then be downloaded to your hub. Usually this happens within a few minutes, it might take a few hours.

  1. open the Smartthings app, go to the Device’s details, click on the little gear icon, and you should see a choice of “driver“. From there, you will be able to choose the driver that you want to use.

  2. if by chance, the MC driver does not show up as a choice, it means you will need to ask the author to add the fingerprints of your device to that driver. But there are several other community members who are using that driver for that model device, so hopefully it will work the first time.

  3. once the right driver has been assigned, you will see lots of choices in the smart things app for controlling it, and you should be able to set colors, etc. with a smart things routine

You can read more about edge Drivers in the community FAQ, but in this case, I think you’re in luck, and there is already a custom edge driver that works for that model. :sunglasses:

FAQ: I have no idea what Edge is. Is that a new developer tool? (2022)

I forgot to mention because your devices were sold in a kit they may already be paired to the bridge device. So you will need to reset them in order to be able to pair them to your smart things hub instead. Here are the instructions for doing that:

Also, you don’t need the bridge device anymore, that one only worked with their cloud. You are going to instead connect the lights directly to your smartthings hub.

Some people have found it easiest to go through the pairing routine if they plug it into a power strip, and then they just turn the power strip on and off in the desired pattern. Physically plugging and unplugging the light strip itself can sometimes take too long and throw off the timing. Here’s a discussion about that issue:

Osram/Sylvania Gardenspot Pairing issue

Thanks for all the info, I will give it a shot tomorrow and see what I can do.



I don’t have a smart things hub. So I guess I need to get one of those. Any suggestions on a specific one? Would only use for purpose of these lights. I use Amazon Echo for all my IOT, or looking to change all over. Just need something to connect these lights.

Sorry, I missed that you didn’t have one. You only need to get a Hub if you want to use a zigbee, zwave, or matter devices. If you don’t have a Hub, you can still use any cloud to cloud integrations, like Meross, tplink kasa, Arlo, hue, ring, Lutron, etc.

If you do want to get a hub specifically to use with your gardenspots, you need one that supports zigbee. The two current models are

  1. SmartThings Station (zigbee and Matter, but no zwave )

  1. Aeotec “works as a SmartThings Hub“ (Zigbee, matter, zwave)

( note that Z wave uses different frequencies in different regions, so if you are not in North America, let us know so we can tell you the correct model that you will need.)

Mariano’s Zigbee Light Multifunction Mc driver support Lightify since edge drivers were announced (more than 2 years ago). They were one of the first devices added to his driver

Yes, that’s the same one I linked to in post #9 above. :sunglasses:

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How do I do the initial connection using those? I tried meross, Kasa, none seem to recognize the lights when plugged in I confirmed they are reset as they blinked 3 times but no temp WiFi to connect to or anything. So does that mean I need hub? I see used WeMo hubs on eBay. Those good for this?

Thanks for all your help.

As I mentioned in post number 13 above, if you want to use your gardenspots with smartthings, those are Zigbee devices, so you will have to get a smartthings hub that supports Zigbee. There are two current models, which I listed in that post.

All of the other integrations that you just listed are cloud to cloud to those device manufacturers, they don’t have anything to do with your gardenspots, because your gardenspots are not connected to their cloud.

And the WeMo link was also discontinued by its manufacturer, it will no longer work.

So the only way to get your gardenspots to work is to use just the light strips and connect them to a Zigbee hub.

If you want them to work with the smartthings app, get one of the two hubs that I listed in post 13 above and connect them to that.


10-4 and understood. Thanks again for the wealth of info. Appreciate it.

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Update. I went deeper in Alexa app and was able to connect them using other and then Zigbee. Alexa found them and looks like I have control of color etc. so better than nothing and no new bridge.

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