Osram lightify gardenspot

I been thinking of getting the osram LIGHTIFY Gardenspot Mini RGB Will i need to buy the gateway for this ? I searching for a answer without luck i am assuming yes i need the gateway hub for this am i right to think so ?

no I have just the lightify kit (It comes with the Zigbee device) and it connects directly to the ST hub

you don’t need the gateway but you need the kit

Thanks you both

How reliable are they ?

they work pretty well for me, still need to install them though lol

I love my garden lights, I just installed them a couple days ago and am trying to see if I can do any cool lighting tricks like color loops, using multiple colors (like mimicking flag colors or have every other bulb a different color)

Hi everyone, can someone please confirm what is the device type assigned to the gardenspot by default? I changed it and now i cant find the original one.

Thanks in advance!!

Default for them is Zigbee RGB bulb. There is one community made but I haven’t messed with it yet

Thanks, I was using the community made but didn’t work for me, now im back to the original and everything is working fine.

Some people (myself included) could not get the “latest version” of that DTH to work. If you grab the version 1 it should work for you. It is a known issue that has not been resolved yet.

Or just use the default one. Choice is good.

Should the default rgb device type run local?

It does not show up in my list of local devices.

I don’t think so but you could look in this topic