Using ZigBee smartbulbs. Lightify/Osram. How do I group them together?

I am figuring since they were on a lightning deal I would grab a couple of the 4 packs of Phillips LIghtify (osram?) on / off / dimmable white LED ZigBee bulbs.

I have multiple locations through the house that have fixtures with multiple bulbs. The front porch light for example, takes 2 bulbs, the dining room chandalier takes 8, each bathroom vanity takes 2. The bath areas are each switched with the exhaust fans so I am not going to automate those without a switch to turn the fans on too.

So how do I group the bulbs together into something coherent that I can use for a verbal command for Alexa?

If you can point me to existing documentation on this that would be great. So far Smartthings has been pretty cool, aside from trying to find relevant documentation. This thing does so much and the info is kind of wide spread… Not complaining, just noting and begging forgiveness for a beginner…

Philips and Osram are two different companies. Lightify and Sylvania are both Osram brands. Like “Hue” is a Philips brand. So I’m guessing you have Osram Lightify bulbs.

In any case, if all you want is to group them for an echo command, just use an Alexa group through the Alexa App. These work very well, and you can put a device in more than one group, which is also convenient.

Even better, if you put your lights into an “echo smart group” and include your echo device in the same group, then when you say “echo, turn the lights on” the lights in that particular group will come on. You don’t have to remember individual names. And whatever Echo you are closest to will turn on the smart group associated with it.

If you have any problems with this, just contact Amazon support, but most people find that that it works very well. :sunglasses:

If you want to set up a group so that you can do other things with it with SmartThings, then you have to do that through the SmartThings app. So we need to know whether you are using the classic or the new app. I will leave that discussion for other people to help you with.

Okay so the specific item I ordered was…

Sylvania 74768 Smart (Formerly Lightify) On / Off / Dim LED light bulbs.

I just wanted to mention again, I am terribly sorry for the many what most likely seem to you guys to be dumb questions, transitioning platforms is no fun, and the hiccups along the way need answers. It seems Smartthings can do so much, but so much of the online documentation is badly out of date, or is just confusing to find. I thank each and everyone one of you folks that has helped me so far. I am getting closer to having my system as done as I can be for now… Budget and all… But long run, I have a ways to go with more automation coming! Particularly with HVAC and more lighting.

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