Smartthings/Echo/Osram Bulbs

Hello all, I recently upgraded my home into a smart home, I finally got smartthings and echo to get my osram bulbs recognized. But now my lightify app is unlinked from the bulbs, and when I relink them I lose the link between the echo and smartthings. Is there anything I can do?, and also I notice in the smartthings app I cannot control all of the lights at once (for changing color of all bulbs at once), I currently have to change each color individually.

Thanks for any help!!

You can’t use both the Lightify hub/app and Smarthings hub/app at the same time. You can pair the bulbs with only one, not both.

Also, I’ve personally addressed the issue of controlling groups of bulbs (color included) by using a virtual device driver and smart app. You can find them on my GISTs (below).

If you’re new to ST then you may have to do some reading on the forums here to learn how to use these.

Welcome aboard and hope you have fun!

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I will definitely have to do some research on this. I am brand new!, less than noob. Lol