Lightify Gardenspot sale $27

Now at $27 again.

I just ordered 1! if I ordered more, can they be connected to each other?

Few back at $27.49

I had to, I ordered 1 to see if I get it before my other ones…

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each controller can handle up to 18 lights so you can hook up 2 of these together if you wanted

My order, from this sale, says arrival 10/20. However, amazon hasn’t even charged my card yet. Typically it’s instantly charged.

Amazon has several that are “damaged packaging” for $23.37. I ordered one just to see what it is.

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Those must have just popped up, the AWD " damaged" were $51 earlier

I also ordered one from the warehouse. I ordered 2 others sets previously with the same description. The boxes were damaged and taped up. One set was obviously used as the cables and power supply were not nice and neat.

Both worked fine when I plugged them into a previous installed set.

Hate ya’ll. I ordered 2 of the awd, not sure what to use it for!

Christmas is coming LOL

Under/above cabinet accent lights ? ( If you missed the Hue strips )

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how about balcony?

That’s what I was thinking. If I could get enough I could use them under cabinets.

Benefit of being able to actually screw them in ,not rely on the dbl back tape or adding clips. Damn now I want to do that

do these lights have any of the auto changing feature like the Hue do using the disco app?

There is a ST app that will change colors every xx minutes. during a set period of time after sunset.
I am still waiting for somebody ( smarter than me ) to come up with something like the Fibaro or Hue routines that will work with any color bulbs in ST.

There is a custom DTH that uses Core triggers to change the color randomly.

I was totally thinking about under my deck railing in the back…would add total ambiance to an otherwise blah back deck!

I saw pictures of this and it looked nice. Future job added to my to do list by the house committee.

I live at a townhome, but I have a small wood-fenced patio that is so dark and boring. I think these will look nice there. Plus 27/each is not bad at all!