Lightify Gardenspot Mini's

Electric Indigo is the way to go! :slight_smile:

I had no trouble on the first strand and the second strand gave me a bit of trouble but only 5 minutes worth.

Thanks for the compliment!

Can you provide a link for them?

A link for the lights we are discussing?

If so go to first post in this thread. :slight_smile:


Got my lights… i would like to mount the transformer and zigbee module inside my Garage for protection against the elements and for better zigbee coverage… Does anyone know where i can purchase extension cables or connectors that i can use to make my own 4 wire extension cables ? Thanks

Any standard 4 wire extension with the proper ends will work, or cut off the ends and replace with standard flat connectors.

I know i can cut the wire, but that will void the warranty

Trying to find the proper end connectors that will work with the round 4 wire connectors on these units


You can bye the WW extension (3 white lights) for about $14 from grooves inc. Cut the connectors off and make one.
10% off code DAE936K

thanks, i already have the wire. can’t find the connectors that will work directly with the OSRAMs

I want to try adding a signal amp and running these along a 80ft retaining wall. I don’t want a light every 2ft. I want to light plants and trees etc. Maybe 20 lights total

will something like this work with the OSRAM cables ?

They look lie they should work. Good find!

just curious did you try one of these? I see a slight difference. On the Osram there is one side slightly flat on the connection, this looks completely round so I wanted to check if it had been attempted yet Thanks

First of all, some friendly advice. Don’t use power tools if you’ve had a few beers. Anyways, I was using my hedge trimmer to cut down the ornamental grasses in my front & cut the 4 wire ribbon cord for my Gardenspot mini’s. Can’t find a replacement. Can I just splice the wires together? :beer:

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That’s why I haven’t got mine in the garden yet - I don’t trust myself not to accidentally mow them!
From what I’ve read, and from what it looks like, once you’re beyond the little Osram box, everything’s just straight wires.
Stick them in a choc block and you’re laughing. Then when it works, have a :beer: to celebrate, then finish the hedge trimming… :wink:

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This item is no longer available. But if you scroll down there are others.

Did the same thing lol.

I can probably hook you up if you haven’t found a solution yet. Bought a bunch of kits to string together while ago. They’re at another location but I’ll be there next week. Dm me if still stuck.

Do you have any extra power supplies by chance?

Yeah I can probably dig one up…Send me your info. Will be least a week until I can get to them.

Thanks, my splice job didn’t fix it. Another possibility is that my power source was fried. A contractor plugged in a big compressor & other stuff into the same outlet and blew the GFI outlet it was connected to.

Any chance you could send me both parts? I would pay you what you need.

Think I just figured out how to DM a person. Thought I just had to reply to the email.