Lightify Gardenspot Mini's

I kept emailing them and today I got an email that my order was canceled because the item was not in stock. Not happy!

Yea I don’t see any of the new devices online anywhere. There should be a motion sensor as well. I wonder if the announcement was premature (even though they just sent out a correction). I want those flex lights for my backyard LOL the garden spots are cool but leave something to be desired with their gap. There was also a Gateway firmware update today.

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Only gateway or was it any of the bulbs too ? I don’t mind plugging in Gateway so it can update, but not in the mood to go through excluding, including , excluding ,including all my lights .

That’s why I said I was worried about rocking the boat. BS that they were in stock for sale at the $120 last week, but they did not fill all the pending orders from the sale. When I ordered Echo on sale from HD is was fulfilled by Amazon directly. I wrongfully assume Lowe’s would do the same thing and just forward all the orders to Amazon for fulfillment.

Seems like it is only the gateway for now but I didn’t bother connecting all of my lights to it to check if they have an update lol.

Resetting the RGBW cans are not bad,just flick the wall switch a few times, but climbing around in the dirt under the front porch to reset Gardenspots is not on my list of favorite things.

I just wanted to give a special shout out to @gnrfan228 for the ordering tip because I followed the advice, received them last week and installed them today!

Love, love, love them! Put the tranformers under the deck built over my old cement stairs for protection.

Now I must leave the forum to ensure I can retire at some point and not have spent all my $ on home automation! :stuck_out_tongue:


Actually, I was able to see them in Lowes… though pricing point is 90 USD…

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that looks beautiful!

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Thanks! I LOVE them. :grin:

I went with the same color because of your picture, they been kind of a headache to setup, but love them.


Electric Indigo is the way to go! :slight_smile:

I had no trouble on the first strand and the second strand gave me a bit of trouble but only 5 minutes worth.

Thanks for the compliment!

Can you provide a link for them?

A link for the lights we are discussing?

If so go to first post in this thread. :slight_smile:


Got my lights… i would like to mount the transformer and zigbee module inside my Garage for protection against the elements and for better zigbee coverage… Does anyone know where i can purchase extension cables or connectors that i can use to make my own 4 wire extension cables ? Thanks

Any standard 4 wire extension with the proper ends will work, or cut off the ends and replace with standard flat connectors.

I know i can cut the wire, but that will void the warranty

Trying to find the proper end connectors that will work with the round 4 wire connectors on these units


You can bye the WW extension (3 white lights) for about $14 from grooves inc. Cut the connectors off and make one.
10% off code DAE936K

thanks, i already have the wire. can’t find the connectors that will work directly with the OSRAMs

I want to try adding a signal amp and running these along a 80ft retaining wall. I don’t want a light every 2ft. I want to light plants and trees etc. Maybe 20 lights total

will something like this work with the OSRAM cables ?