Osram Garden Spot causing issues with other devices?

Ok I have a weird situation going on here and wondering if anyone else has seen this or other suggestions.

Two months ago I got a strip of the Osram Gardenspot RGB smart lights. When I installed them, within a day I lost control of my Cree connected bulbs outside my garage. Two bulbs I’ve had in use for probably 4 months without issue. Then one of them would not respond to controls unless you went into the device in things, and hit refresh a few times or try dimming it. Then it would take controls again. And next time it would be the other bulb that wouldn’t control. When it stayed with one bulb for a week I replaced that bulb, same issue.

So seeing how the only change was adding the walkway lights (gardenspots) I unplugged them. Within a day everything was stable again. For the last month it was fine.

So last night I plugged them back in last night after removing them from ST, and doing a reset the garden spots with the on/off dance until it flashes. Now a day later, I come home, and only one of my garage lights is on… :frowning: Again open the app, do the refresh/dim dance and it works again. Sometimes it reports correctly with 1 on 1 off, sometimes not.

Anyone else experience this? Last month I powered off the hub for like 30mins, and then back on to see if that helped. I rebuilt the devices and automations, still nothing. I watch the logs in the api and it says it sends the command… I am just at a loss.

Is it because the Osram’s zigbee implementation is different than the Cree bulbs? I thought it was a range issue, but its been stable for a long time, months… I thought about getting a ST outlet and putting it in the garage to extend zigbee further but i have no use for that plug and its not exactly cheap.

Thoughts or ideas? Im about to just get rid of these gardenspots. Never really use the RGB, the white light is ugly since its not RGBW, and they dont do a great job as just walkway lights. Combine with the instability it seemingly has added to my setup…They are about to get donated to someone…

That’s a strange issue. Usually adding devices can only help the mesh if they’re repeaters, otherwise there shouldn’t be an impact. Are the Gardenspots closer to the hub than the Cree bulbs?

It sounds like maybe a routing issue where the Hub expects the Cree and/or Gardenspot to relay messages and they aren’t or at least not well.

Yes the controller for the Gardenspot’s are like halfway between the hub and the garage. Thing is… other lights having issues as well, like before. I had forgot until it happened last night and then again this morning. Kitchen bar lights, one on one off… sigh. And when I got home, the other garage light was off when it should have been on. So I’m pulling these dang lights, find a friend that wants them or something. :frowning:

I don’t know if it’ll help, but there’s probably firmware updates for the Gardenspots if you pick up the Lightify gateway.

If you hold out til after Xmas, I might have a set to help troubleshoot. I hope they don’t cause problems for me.

this might be a little off topic but does anyone know of a way to run additional cable without splicing too much?

In another topic someone posted a link to these.

Maybe that will work for what your thinking.

wow , thank you TN_Oldman, that looks like what I need!