LIGHTIFY Cloud will be switched off on 31.08.2021

In case you haven’t seen this yet:


Unfortunately, we have to share some bad news with you today. After five years of service, we have taken the tough decision to shut-off the LIGHTFY cloud servers on August 31st, 2021.

What you need to know now:

You still have plenty of time to react. The LIGHTIFY cloud servers will be available until August 31st, 2021. Only after this date the LIGHTIFY service and support will be discontinued.

More info here:


Lightify had a cloud service? :sunglasses:

LOL, I had their hub for a while so I could get firmware updates. It wasn’t pretty. All my stuff from them is long gone.

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This part was interesting:

What you need to do after this period:
To control your smart lights and plugs beyond August 31st, 2021, you need to fully reset your entire system. Afterwards you can simply integrate it into any other ZigBee® compatible system – like other smart lighting or smart home systems with intelligent assistants that are available on the market.
Why is OSRAM switching off the LIGHTIFY cloud servers?
The LIGHTIFY system is meanwhile technically outdated: Its performance (e.g. in respect to reaction times when controlling devices) is significantly lower compared to other systems in the market. Furthermore, the implemented ZigBee® standard is not state of the art anymore (ZigBee® Light Link and ZigBee® Home Automation instead of ZigBee® 3.0) which makes it more and more difficult to ensure compatibility to other smart home systems. The needed investments can unfortunately not be made – especially in regard to the divestment of the general lighting end-consumer business in 2016.

Anyway, people using their end devices with a smartthings hub aren’t directly affected by this, since their cloud service is for their gateway. And except for firmware updates, there’s no reason to have their gateway if you are using a smartthings hub since you can’t use both with the same device at the same time.


The second part especially.


I’m here for the clearance links for the ZigBee stuff?

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They are terrible repeaters. Go with the IKEA ones instead, for bulbs at least.

I also saw this, and suspected it wouldn’t affect LIGHTIFY product owners who are using their bulbs through smartthings.

I’ve been a LIGHTIFY bulb user for the past few years, and as of sometime in 2017 smartthings enabled device firmware updates, making it no longer necessary to use their gateway at all.

I’ve got a house full of the RT 5/6 bulbs, and they generally work fine. My only gripe is I haven’t found a clean, no lag, smart switch (hardwired)/smart bulb integration. I experimented with a few different smart switches, and after seeing how zwave plus switches could provide local control of zwave bulbs, I decided to just hold off on switches with the hope that something similar may be on the horizon.

Should I take from “the second part” that there should be no expectation of device firmware upgrades to Zigbee 3.0 directly from Sylvania? Is it even possible, in theory, to firmware update a ZHA device to a zigbee 3.0 device? If so, also in theory, would Zigbee 3.0 enable local control of zigbee 3.0 bulbs with zigbee 3.0 switches?

I’m a longtime reader here, and have never found any reason to post b/c EVERY SINGLE issue I’ve ever encountered has been resolved/discussed through prior posts, many thanks to your efforts, JDRoberts. Just want to say THANKS!

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Hopefully none of their bulbs need firmware updates after it shuts down. This is the only reason I have one of their hubs.

SmartThings has provided firmware updates to their bulbs. It is a shame that they are shutting down, but they can be operated from almost any Zigbee capable Hub.

@chevlar, Zigbee 3.0 merges the ZHA and ZLL line and keeping them backward compatible with both ZHA and ZLL commands and clusters. It is a nice solution to keep things working. IKEA just upgrading/updating its bulbs, sockets and remotes to Zigbee 3.0, where some products ZHA and some ZLL, and they should work after the update with any of their older equipment too. (You would never know what is the firmware version of a remote, a socket or a bulb which was maybe sitting in your drawer for ages, but you just bought a brand new bulb.)

All of my bulbs had updates on Lightify that SmartThings did not have. SmartThings may have them now, I don’t know, but as of a year ago this was true.