Osram Bulb Firmware Update

Is there a way to force a firmware update? When I check the firmware for the device it says a later version is available. I have OTA turned off on the hub as I don’t want it doing it in the middle of the night. Is there someway to force it to do the firmware update?

Yes. Once OTA updates are enabled and bulb OTA updates are enabled you can do one of two things.

  1. In IDE click the Check Now link for each device
  2. Power cycle the bulb.

Up to a maximum of 5 can be updated at the same time.

When i click on the Check Now link, i get a message at the top saying checking for firmware update. but then nothing else happens.

Current Version: 0x01020205
Target Version: 0x01020492
Last Updated: N/A
Last Checked: 2017-08-22 7:56 AM EDT - Check Now

Do you have both “Allow OTA” and “Allow OTA for lights” selected for your hub in IDE? Without both enabled the firmware updates will not work.

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I did, click it, It stated that the setting was sent to the hub. I have now clicked the check for update link again. how long does it take to check?

OTA: enabled for all devices
Unsecure Rejoin: true

OMG!, you rock sir! that did it. and it was way easier and faster than the gateway I had purchased to update my lights!

thanks for this valuable information.

How long should one expect this to take? I have OTA enabled for all devices and when I “Check now” under the device it shows a firmware update is available.

Here is the hub setting:


Here is the info under the device:

One strange thing I noticed is that it shows the “Last Checked” time as the first time I checked today (about 3 hours ago). Clicking Check Now again does not update the time stamp. I’m not sure if it’s doing something or not.

I got this working. My ST network had gone crazy with Alexa heartbeats. Once I turned that off the devices upgraded easily.

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