Lightify A19 RBGW issue

So I have an interesting issue that had come up. Been using lightify bulbs with ST for a while with minor issues. Long story short, I had to reset my ST Hub (using the Nvidia Shield Link). I added all of my bulbs without issue except one, here is a break down:

  1. I reset the bulb using the on off method until it does the multi color flash to indicate reset.
  2. Turn bulb off
  3. Initiate add device in the ST App
  4. Turn on bulb
  5. Bulb flashes multi color and then three times indicating it paired with ST
  6. Bulb is never recognized by ST App or by the Hub.

I have connected it to my Lightify hub that I have and that works fine, firmware is up to date as well.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

So the way I was able to fix this was by paring it with my lightify hub, then deleting it from the lightify hub. After that the ST Hub was able to find it again.