Lighthouse Security Camera (it has LIDAR!)

Security camera with LIDAR (like radar, but with light). Builds 3D map of the room and detects actual 3D motion (not just “something in the frame changed”). Distinguish between pets, and people - even recognizes individual people!). This thing looks awesome. I just pre-ordered. I don’t suppose anyone knows if we can expect ST integration?

you’re killing me. I mean you’re killing my cash

Thank goodness - sold out. 95degree angle would have to go in corner of my place - not many good corners left.

Good luck - I hope you get a product and crow about it here.

I want one!

Still pre-release, so not possible to actually evaluate it. This note is in the FAQ:

Does it integrate with other ‘smart’ services and devices?
Not yet. Integrations are something we’re very interested in, but at launch we won’t feature any. As we continue to grow Lighthouse we’ll look to customers and people like you; contact our support team and let them know what you’d like to see!

It’s definitely interesting, and the team’s credentials are good, the question is always what can they deliver that will operate reliably in a practical environment, and at what cost.

More about pricing:

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This seems to be an extremely “connected” device to be a security item you can rely-on everyday.
I doubt the camera itself does the recognition and it says it relies on geo-fence information regarding owners phones. coming from outside network.
We are all wishing more local execution in this forum as everyday users, so with this level of price certainly driven by a back-end service/servers to digest the camera information, I am not convinced this will jeopardize the camera business so much.
The real beauty would be that such kind of device is autonomous from a network and has a data carrier capabilities to trigger alert.

There’s an 40% off offer URL for This Week in Tech listeners: - you get a lighthouse with a year of service for $239 or a lighthouse with lifetime service for $299.

They say supplies are limited for this offer. It doesn’t ship immediately, but if you think you’re going to want one, it’s quite the discount!

That’s 40% off?! Crikey! Even with 40% off those prices make Nest look cheap! Without the discount it’s just insane… Not even PoE support.

IMO I’m going to mark this one under “companies I don’t think will last more than a few years…”

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“…it also happened to be going up against Amazon, Google, and established consumer electronics companies like Logitech and Netgear. Almost all of those companies, and especially Amazon and Google, began bundling AI features into existing camera lines, making Lighthouse’s product a tough sell from an unproven startup…”

And another one bites the dust. Hardly any surprise here.

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