Eufy Smart Floodlight with Camera

Any chance this can work with SmartThings?

Eufy is currently working on integrations with Amazon Echo and Goggle Home, both integrations are in beta testing with users. Overall development is to integrate with Smart Things but those enhancements are in the future, no specific timeline. i was a kickstarter funder for the cameras and also this device so I may have early access to these integrations. Note a basestation is required for operation, I do like the cameras. Not feature rich yet but they have been adding features since deployment a year or so ago. My cameras have been installed for 8 months, so far the 1 year battery claim/goal is holding true.

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Hello @sithlrd

I just picked up the Eufy Cam 2, have you heard any updates regarding SmartThings integration. I really like this system compare to Arlo but the integration to SmartThings is a must!


I have had the 1st gen cameras for almost a year now and I really like them too. I have been reaching out to support periodically about exactly this. I will say that the support team is very responsive and helpful but everytime I mention Smartthings, they seem to get sheepish real quick. I asked about geofencing and they got back in less than 12 hours saying that it was being tested but they opted me in to the beta test of the feature and it worked quite well from the start (especially for a beta). given their enthusiasm for geofencing (circa octoberish of 2019???) and their constant beating around the bush about Smartthings integration, I am afraid that it will be a foregone feature or only supported on some new hardware etc. I’d love to know if anyone else has insight.

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It seems like there are some developers who have reverse engineered the API for Eufy Security and created an integration with Home Assistant. Wonder if thats something that can be done here too?

I bought so much stuff off from @Eufy security, the wifi smartlock, doorbell, the New floodcam Pro, four solos E40 cams, sensors etc. and I was hoping they would connect to ST as well, but it does not look like it. What we can hope is, that they then will go all in on Thread/Matter instead. Would so like to be able to integrate the whole or most of their products into my ST environment at some point. We can just hope and :pray:t2: