New Orvibo Switch (UK Model T203ZB)

Seems orvibo are launching new Zigbee HA products quite rapidly. Looks promising and have one on order to see if if I can get it working when it arrives. Looks to be pretty good value and a little smarter looking than the kudled switches I have at the moment.


They look great, but I presume they are not UL / CSA approved for use in North America…

These are 86*86mm form factor.

Meant for UK style back box.

Finally arrived.
Posting a couple of photos compared to the kudled switch. A little deeper than the kudled too.

A bit of an ordeal getting this one physically installed. Needs a lot of room in the back box and due to it’s non-square shape I had to do a little filling around the plaster finish to hide some gaps.
On the positive side, I managed to get it paired very easily to ST as it appeared as a thing immediately. At first I got switch 3 working with the standard zigbee switch but with a little investigation, I simply modified @simic 's code for the kudled switch to work with this fairly easily.

Just needed some different endpointids and a change of the fingerprint.
As there are currently no 3 gang Kudled switches for sale I think this is a good compromise.

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What’s your customer experience been like with gearbest? I hear good things about them, and they have a much better returns policy than most of the other Chinese warehouse firms. They look like a good source for Orvibo for US customers if you’re willing to wait several weeks.

No issues really. Took around two weeks even though I chose expedited delivery. So probably not worth choosing the option.
I’ve got the switch working but struggling with it being able to update ST when someone physically presses the switch. It seems to send an On Off signal back but does not include anything in the string to indicate which of the 3 gangs was switched on or off. So I’ve not been able to add that functionality into the DH yet.
So basically the DH can control the lights but cannot refresh the status yet.

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Is the zigbee stuck to laws on band? Or power? If so is this uk allowed?

Zigbee uses the same frequency everywhere in the world. In some regions the maximum power output is lower than in other countries. So for example the US allows “amplified Zigbee” transmissions up to level 20 while the EU only allows transmissions of power up to level 12. So there are some zigbee devices which would be legal in the US but not legal in the EU. These will usually be described as “boosted zigbee” or “amplified zigbee.”

But the Orvibo devices use the lower power level and they are fine for both the US and EU. :sunglasses:

The other important thing to know about Zigbee is that it allows for different “profiles.” These profiles do not always work together. SmartThings uses the “Zigbee Home automation” profile (ZHA 1.2).

Orvibo makes some devices that use the zigbee home automation profile and some devices that do not. So you do need to check each model to make sure that it is using the “zigbee home automation profile (ZHA)” so it can work with SmartThings.


Wealth of knowledge as usual.

Scholar and a gentleman. Thanks.


Hi Wayne, I am new to ST. I just bought one of the Orvibo 3 gang switch , I’d appreciate if you can share me the code.

Hello, Is your Orvibo switch working with ST hub? Was it dificult to conect?

The ST Hub can easily detect as a thing but I don’t have the right code to make it work with ST.

I have had a number of enquiries from people unable to mod the the kudled device handler to make it work for this switch. Due to size, I will not be getting any more so have not invested much more time trying to fix getting status updates from the switch.

Since the DH is not fully working and is also based on someone else’s code I am not comfortable publishing. If anyone still wants it they can PM me and I’ll share directly on the proviso they know it’s limitations.

I would love the code, but I do not find how to PM you :frowning:

Hi Wayne, i live in Brazil and i need this code. Thanks for share please.

Does this need a neutral wire?
I am based in Hong Kong and only has a 2-wire setup.

Yes it is 3wire.

i have try this orvibo switch, matter is when u press on or off on the wall orvibo wall switch ,but and in the app on smartphone was not show the any action.

mee too , so did you solve the refresh status problem?