Light switch won't turn on at dusk but does turn off at scheduled time

I’ve got 2 GE z-wave lightswitches that are set to turn on at dusk in smartthings apps. Both were working for well over a year until recently. Right now only one of them is working via the Dusk setting. Now only one of them goes on. If I turn the other one on manually it shuts off at 11 with the other switch with no problem.

The odd thing is that if I manually trigger “Dusk” via the app both lights go on without a problem. I have no problem controlling both lights manually with the light. The problem only seems to happen when it is set to run at dusk. Any ideas?

What app are you using? You stated “smartthings apps” so I was thinking Smart Lighting, but that does not have a “dusk” setting, at least run under Classic.

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Argh, I completely forgot that I had posted this. In the automation section of the smartthings app there is a routine called “Dusk”. I’ve tried both creating scenes and calling out the specific switch there directly - neither work at this time. I tried it again a minute ago - manually initiating the “Dusk” routine did in fact turn on the lightswitch.