Turn on switch at dusk?

I had a wink hub and this was easy. With the Smartthings hub I can figure it out. Anyone have any ideas

The official SmartLights feature allows you to turn on a light using sunset with an offset, such as sunset -30 minutes, so that’s what most people use.


It also has an illuminance option if you have a lux sensor so you could have it turned on at a specific light level.

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I dont have a smart light. I only have zwave switches and I dont see a way to turn one on at dusk

Select the zwave switch you want to control.
You will see it in the list of available lights.

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The SmartLights feature is used for anything that turns on and off: Smart bulbs, smart wall switches, smart plug in modules, smart in wall outlets, etc.

As @bobbles mentioned, your wall switches will show up in the list of lights that can be controlled.

Ok sorry I tried that a week ago and I could not get that to work. Its under Automation - Smartapps then Smart Lighting. I have picked a couple of switches to turn on and under trigger I selected At Sunset. It never worked.
I know with the wink hub I had to turn on location service on my phone then once it had my location I could turn it off. How does the Smartthings hub know when dusk is. Is that the reason that its not working because I dont have location service turned on in my phone settings

I’m not sure whether location services are required or not. You can contact support for more help with this.

Otherwise @slagle might know.

You can also log into your ide and when you look at your hubs location you should see your gps position and also the sunrise and sunset times.

Thanks Ill reset my location and see if it works tonight then contact support if it does not. I dont see where it tells me sunset and sunrise. It tells me my location and says my mode is Night although I dont know y it says that its only noon
Ok I figured that out and changed my mode to home. We will see what happens

Nope light still didnt come on. This is what I did
open app
go to automations
go to smart apps
go to smart lighting
named the automation
picked the lights to control
told app I wanted to turn them on
under trigger picked at sunset