Light switch (UK)

Please note that this was posted in the UK category. Most of the responses in this thread so far are for devices that will only work in the US. That includes Zooz, GE, Leviton, and Lutron Caseta. All good switches, but not available for UK wiring. :disappointed_relieved:

As far as UK answers, it depends a great deal on whether you have a neutral wire at the switchbox. Many UK homes do not, and for that reason, many community members do not use an all in one Switch device.

Instead, as @borristhecat mentioned, probably the most popular option for the U.K. Is one of the in Wall micros that do not require a neutral, such as the Fibaro or Aeotec Nano models and then combine that with the retractive dumb switch of your choice.

These options and some others are discussed in the FAQ for UK lighting, so you might take a look at that for additional ideas.

If you do happen to have a neutral wire at the switchbox, then the TKB single paddle Z wave plus switch is a good budget option for the UK: