Uk Light switches - what's out there?


Can anyone advise on Smartthings compatible light switches for the UK?

I would like to have smart switches rather than bulbs, so that lights can be turned on/off via the switch as well as via smartthings and it all work seamlessly together.

Thank for any advice

Have a look at this informative " article

I myself have ordered a yagusmart switch to test with and it just arrived by post (in a record 10 days from china), so i will test it when I get home later today.


If you are using wired wall light switches you should not use smart bulbs.

You need to decided whether you want to dim lights or just turn them off and on. You also need to identify whether you have 3-wire circuits or 2-wire. Some smart switches only work with 3-wire circuits. I am willing to pay the extra cost of rewiring using 3-wire cables if needed - once I find something I am happy with.

Based on your answers possible candidates would include the following.

  • Fibaro micro switch or dimmer modules used with standard momentary wall switches. These are connected via Z-Wave to Smartthings.
  • Insteon micro switch or dimmer modules also used with standard momentary wall switches. However you also need an Insteon hub.
  • LightwaveRF smart wall switches, they only do dimmers. Again you need their hub.
  • Yagusmart switch as mentioned by @impee
  • Aurora Aone dimmer switch, they only do dimmers. Can be linked direct to Smartthings via Zigbee or via an Aone hub.
  • Possibly something from Xiaomi Aqara.

None of these meet my requirements but don’t let that sway you. I have my own peculiar criteria.