Zooz zwave on/off and dimmer switches

(Diego Yong) #1

Any feedback on those? I rece rly I stalled a few he zwave switches from the Lowes sale, but I’m looking to add a few more. I like that the zooz are zwave plus, so it will help strengthen the mesh, and they are currently $25.99


Hi Diego, we’ve had really good feedback on these from SmartThings users, you can see some of it in the review section for each switch (just scroll all the way down):

Just remember these are single-pole switches only and will not work in a 3-way installation.

(Diego Yong) #3

Thank you for that. I will only use them on those single pole switches. Can you confirm whether these switches include a neutral tail like the GE’s do?


No problem Diego. Zooz switches don’t include a neutral jumper yet. We’ve received a lot of feedback about it though and will start including the jumper in the next version of the switches which will be out in the next few months.