Which switches are right for 4 switch, 1 light configuration?

1 light fixture, on/off toggle switch located in 4 different places.

I really just want the ability to voice activate control with Alexa so not sure if only 1 switch needs to be smart or all of them? A bonus would be able to introduce a dimmer switch but not sure I want the cost and complexity of fitting it in gang boxes with multiple switches in it. So dimmer switch nice to have but not essential.

Zooz will fit your bill! Their switches can work in your configuration and still use your dumb switches to turn on/off lights. Also, the size of a dimmer is typically the same size as a switch. I would suggest looking at the dimmer since the price difference is minimum.


Second vote for Zooz.

The ZEN26 switch or ZEN27 dimmer can work in a 4-way without rewiring but pay attention to the maximum load.

The ZEN21 switch or ZEN22 dimmer will require rewiring but supports higher loads.

Any of those only require that you replace the switch with line. The other three switches remain as dumb switches. Obviously if you’re doing a dimmer you’ll only be able to adjust brightness using the smart device (or voice assistants).

Thanks I ordered one and will give it a try.

Got one on order. Thanks for the tip.

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Corrected to link to 5-way articles. The Zooz devices come with printed diagram for only single-pole and 3-way