Best switch for my situation? (Smart Toggle that works with an existing dumb auxiliary switch)

I’m looking for a switch (NOT a paddle) that doesn’t require a 3 way add on. Whichever is dubbed most reliable by the ST community. I have a 3600sqft house and nearly every plate has 2-3 switches on it. That’s the biggest reason I don’t want to use paddle switches. Just makes things easier and cheaper. Also, nearly every light is controlled by at least 2 switches … so I’m looking for a smart switch that will reliably use a dumb switch as the add on.

That’s a lot of restrictions, but as far as I know, the only two that would work with an existing dumb auxiliary switch would be some of the Lutron Caseta models and the Zooz. But the Lutron isn’t a toggle, so that leaves the Zooz. You Won’t be able to dim from the auxiliary, but you can turn the light on and off.

I did want to mention that the smart toggles regardless of brand rest in the center position, not up for on and down for off. This is visibly noticeable when they are in a bank with other switches. This bugs some people and doesn’t bother others, but it’s something to be aware of.


Do you know this switch:

You can take a look at the Inovelli switch they support direct 3 way wiring with most of their switches.

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And turning it off by the dumb switch allows the smart switch to still do what it needs to do? Are there any that work with (not sure of the term) more than 2 switches that control a light? My common area downstairs is controlled by 4 different switches. Each switch turns on/off all 4 lights. Would I need to rewire that entirely?

You know I had looked at these before and it looked great. I did read the white was a little off compared to other switches and plates, but I may be able to get past that. When I looked last night I thought I saw it as a paddle switch though. Thanks for this