Looking for Toggle Light Switch Recommendations

Wanting to fine a light switch that works with SmartThings but it MUST BE a toggle up/down flip switch as opposed to a flat press on the top/bottom switch.

According to SmartThings website, there is only one available(GE 12727), but I know SmartThings doesn’t mention my doggy door which also works with the system. grin Hoping to get some recommendations so I can go find them at a local store today - thanks!

There are only two that I know of. The GE that you already mentioned, and a zooz model which you can only get online.

Rockers are much more popular in part because all of the Z wave switches rest in a “neutral” position, rather than being locked into up for on and down for off. That means that the toggle switches stick straight out most of the time, so they won’t look like non-networked switches even though they have the same form factor. The rockers do the same thing, but the effect is much more subtle.

There are some people who will still prefer a toggle. They may be easier for a service dog to use or for small children. But if you are choosing them in order to match your existing switches, just be aware of the resting position issue.

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I am choosing it not to match existing switches but because my SmartThings automation has certain components that consist of “When motion detected, turn on light for X time”. Well the problem is if I’m indisposed in the restroom for an extended length of time, the light turns off(it currently turns on upon entry). I would like to be able to turn it back on manually, since the toggle switches need to be in the upright position to allow the motion sensor to toggle the lightbulb on(smart lightbulb).

Any alternative suggestions? I’d love to hear!

That should work the same whether it’s a rocker or a toggle. You just hit the switch again.

As far as the issues of motion sensors turning lights off too soon, it’s a common problem and people solve it in multiple different ways. There’s some discussion in the following thread:

Does anyone know what is happening with the GE 12727 switch? I have been gradually replacing all my switches with this one, but it seems to be out of stock almost everywhere.

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When you start to type in GE 12727 into Google, it comes up with an
autocorrect choice of GE 12727 discontinued… not sure if that’s a clue
whats up with it.

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GE is replacing most of their line with a new generation that uses Z wave plus chips. The new generation starts with “14” instead of “12.” Retailers are selling out of their old stock of the prior generation.

The GE switches are made under license by Jasco. You can see the new model numbers on the official zwave alliance site:


The toggle switches remain in the middle (neutral) position. There is no up or down. You flick the toggle up to say on and down to say off but the the switch rests in the middle position just like the rockers.

I have a Zooz 4 in 1 on the ceiling near/over the toilet and a contact on the toilet door. The multi is hardwired. Took a bunch of thinking and stealing from the thread that @JDRoberts linked to get everything perfect. Even the wife approves!

GE Dimmer for Light
GE Switch for Fan
Iris Contact for Door
Keen Smart Vent
Zooz Multi-Sensor to control: Humidity, Lux, Motion and Temp.

Way too much going on for a small 4’ X 7’ room but man is it Sweet!

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Any idea when the new switches will be in stores likes Lowe’s?

I have a few of the toggle-type switches, dimmers, and aux switches (for making 3- and 4-way switches) left over from a mixup when my electrician over-ordered. They are all sealed, new in-box. I’d be happy to sell them below-market-rate.

(3) GE 12729 Zwave Toggle Dimmer
(4) Jasco 45740 Zwave Toggle Relay Switch
(3) Jasco 45741 Auxiliary Switch

I believe the Jasco switches are exactly the same as the GE versions (at least they feel and look exactly the same to me).

Send me a PM if anyone is interested.

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Yes, Jasco manufacturers the GE switches under license. Same device, just rebranded.