Lights stopped working for last 2 days

Pretty frustrating this - anyone else experiencing issues with their lights randomly going off (linked with smartthings and fibraro motion sensors) minimote no longer working.

I’ve deliberately only used official smart apps. I know everything always temporarily breaks when updates come.

lights all Philips hues.

Anyone?! @Aaron

What kind of lights are you using?

All Philips Hue bulbs & hub. Been stable for months until last couple of days

Reset the ST hub by pressing the red button with a pin until the display LED goes red. Wait a few minutes and all should be back.

I get this occurring from time to time with Hue+ST I can still control the lights via hue app while it’s had a hiccup.

Cheers will give it a whirl

There was an issue with virtual switches recently, that could be it. Should be resolved now though.

Got some stuff working by restarting the hub. The only thing (which is kind of key to everything) are the fibraro motion detectors are not showing any motion when they should. Anyone?!?! As I say above, they’ve been working fine for months before this. I’m using @CyrilPeponnet’s device handler.

Just triple click the button in the fibaros. They will reconnect and reset their status in a few minutes.

Hi - tried that but it’s not flashing blue or resetting. I’ve got 2 fibraro motion sensors and they are both doing the same thing. Says battery 50% and 70% in them.

I hadn’t tried the reset before as on the app it had seemed on the event list to be detecting temp but I’ve just looked on the IDE and both are saying ‘INACTIVE’ with last detection when they stopped.

when you triple tap the fibaro should glow blue for about a minute or so. If it doesn’t then it’s not a smartthings issue. Have you tried a full reset of the sensor?

Thanks for that - already tried though. Neither are showing any colours. If it is not a smartthings issue, surely it has been caused by smart things as it is very strange they stopped at the same time the minimote and lights all went haywire. Minimote and lights now fine. Fibraro sensors appear dead.

What would you suggest I do??! I’m stuck!

I’ve got a few of these and had one which died suddenly a few months back. I just changed the battery even though it was only two months old. I put it down to it crashing and using up all the remaining power by not going into standby.
Have you tried changing batteries since you’re saying they’re not responding at all? The batteries are readily available on amazon.

Ah sounds promising. I’ve ordered some (only ones for ST I didn’t have in!) so I’ll give them a go when they arrive. Thanks for the help.