Light Bulb Recommendations for GE Z-Wave Plus Dimmer Switches

Hi all- I just installed several GE Z-Wave Plus Dimmer switches (model #14294) with the neutral wire. I have tried GE and Sylvania LED dimmable bulbs, but all of them buzz at any level of dimming, but does not buzz at full brightness. Does anyone have recommendations for dimmable bulbs that won’t hum with these switches? Thank you!

Edit: I’m looking for A19 and BR30 suggestions.

Humming is a very difficult thing too troubleshoot. I’ve not had issues with the GE or Sylvania bulbs but have had some with others. The other brands I’d recommend are Cree or Philips. Hopefully someone else could chime in with some additional information. Good luck.

I have 3 of these switches throughout the house. First one is in our bedroom with a small LED candelabra bulb (not sure of the brand). Then in the living room I have 6" Feit LED can lights, and in the dining room 4" Feit LED can lights. None of them buzz. The 6" Feit can lights do flicker a little bit between 5-15%, but that’s the only issue.

What type of bulb are you looking for? A regular A19 bulb for a lamp, or is it recessed lighting?

Thanks for the reply. I’m looking for A19 and BR30 for a ton of recessed lights. I will look into the Feit brand and see how they do!

Thank you for your suggestions! I will try Cree and Philips bulbs next.

I have these connected to my dimmer switches and they haven’t had a hum ever. I’ve also tried the Philips, but I got a few 2 packs that had both a hum and would blink at low settings.