GE ZigBee Switch Hums


I just got the GE ZigBee dimmer switch. I installed as instructed but notice that there is a constant hum/buzz from the switch itself. I currently have a 40W incandescent bulb installed. When the switch is on the hum is not as loud but still present.

I read on other threads that these switches tend to hum but I just want to make sure there is no safety concern.


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The hum used to be common complaint on this community, but I have not seen many comments in a while. I just recently installed a few GE Dimmers -Model 12724, which I believe are the newer model and I have no problems (one is a similar set-up running with just a single bulb).

I would suggest first try replacing the bulb with another one you have around the house see if that relieves the hum. Maybe one with higher load like 60W +. With only a single bulb hooked up it should be easy to test a few different bulb types and see if that relieves the humming.

Also what model # is your GE Dimmer? Did you install a neutral wire?


The only ZigBee GE dimmer is 45857GE. I have a bunch of these and have only had buzzing from the bulbs themselves. I do recommend @jotto’s suggestion. Try different bulb wattages or manufacturers. That solved the buzzing for me.


Thanks for the suggestions. I replaced the bulb with a 60 dimmable LED and it makes the same hum. The hum is present when there is no bulb installed as well. I’m wondering if it has more to do with the contacts of the wires, I can live with a hum…I just don’t want to start a fire.

GE Switch Model: 45857GE


:bump:…any other thoughts?


So the only options are to try different bulbs (especially different brands) or replace the dimmer. There were certain brand LED bulbs that were worse than others for me on those same dimmers. GE Reveal and Philips worked well. Cree and Osram (Sylvania) worked in some configurations, buzzed in others. Cheaper bulbs like the Ecolink LEDs buzzed in all my dimmers. Of course it is likely that greatly changing load by using non LEDs might work too.


It’s actually not the bulb buzzing. It’s the switch itself. I tried
several LED and non LED bulbs. Thanks for your input.


From what I understand, changing the load/bulb often changes the buzzing amount in both locations (dimmer or light fixture).

I’ve also heard of other solutions such as making sure everything is grounded properly. I’ve even heard stranger ones like using magnets (Faraday). I would stick with making sure your connections are good and possibly look at a new dimmer.


I’ll take another look at the ground, I did have some issue with the ground
wire when I was installing the switch. Thanks.