GE Dimmer recommended lightbulbs

I’ve read about GE dimmers and the only complaint I’ve seen is that they can hum. My assumption is that this has less to do with the dimmer and more to do with the lightbulb that is “paired” with it. Are there any lightbulbs recommended for use with them that don’t cause a hum? I saw in one thread where Phillips lightbulbs were recommended, but not a particular model. The lightbulbs I’m interested in purchasing are GE reveal.

No answer? :frowning:

I stopped by Lowes today, picked up a GE Dimmer and a GE Clarity LED lightbulb. It says it’s dimmer compatible. I’ll let you all know how that goes.

Most dimmable dumb LEDs should be fine in the dimming range of 25% to about 85%.

The GE dimmers do not generally dim below 10%, regardless of the bulb brand, although you can try.

I actually just get FEIT brand dumb dimmable LEDs at either Ace or Costco, wherever they are least expensive. But there are lots of other good brands.

The humming issue is dependent on three factors: the bulb, the switch, and the fixture. So it’s not always predictable.

Ace usually runs a bulb sale every two or three months, and you can get very good deals then. :sunglasses:

They’ve run one in each of the last two January’s, so there may be one next month, which combined a rebate plus the sale price and brought the price per bulb down to $2.99. Quantity limit of four per customer. So I usually check their sales mid January.

Well everything works perfectly. No hum! I really like the GE reveals, they ‘feel’ like an incandescent.

I’ve converted almost all of the lighting in my house to LED, various brands, and don’t have any bulbs that hum when dimmed using the GE dimmers.

The majority of the LED bulbs in my house are FEIT bulbs from Costco. I have several BR30 bulbs in use on GE dimmers and they work well. I know in my kitchen, there are three BR30 on the same switch and one of three bulbs doesn’t turn on until about 15% while the other two turn on around 8%. That is the only “oddity” I have found so far in my limited usage.

That’s good to know. Everything inside is LED, but not necessarily dimmable LED.