GE dimmer switch buzzes

I just bought the GE dimmer switch from Lowes. It works with my 5 LEDs but when on it creates a buzzing sound. I have read some reviews saying it does not work with LEDs. I have having a problem. But I was wondering if the GE switch sold by Smartthings that say it will work with LEDs will not have the buzz. Thanks.

The GE switch always buzzes


Do you have experience with the new version? I suspect it doesn’t.

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I would also agree that it should not since it is rated for LEDs.

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If someone finds out if the new GE dimmer switch doesn’t buzz please let me know, I want to replace mine that does buzz.

I replaced it with the Leviton from HomeDepot.

Does not buzz for me and my wife likes it better.

@thrash99er I agree with @codytruscott and @nmeyer078 that the new GE dimmer should not buzz when paired with a dimmable LED. I don’t know from experience yet, however I do plan on replacing my dumb 5 way dimmer setup with the new GE dimmer switch and aux switches. The new GE dimmer requires a neutral which is necessary for proper function with LEDs. I will say in most cases if buzzing is coming from the switch then the bulb is the problem and if buzz/flickering is coming from bulb then you have incompatible switch. For example in my room I got a Linear zwave dimmer with Non-dimmable CFL, and buzzing comes from the switch but not the bulb because the bulb is not compatible with dimmable switch. Whereas in my guest bedroom I have the same linear zwave dimmer however with a dimmable led and no buzzing comes from the switch or the bulb. Now if i replace that dimmable led with a non-dimming led I will get buzzing at the bulb when I try to dim the bulb. In the kitchen I have a dimmer switch without a neutral and when i put in dimmable LED bulb I get a slight hum when dimming to a low level and some dimmable led bulbs (GE Link bulb) may encounter flickering when switch is off.

Will the dimmable LED bulbs work w/ the GE dimmer switch, because I’m not using a neutral with it.

How bad is the slight hum?

You need to use a compatible dinner with your bulbs. It’s not just about the hum. LED bulbs need a switch with a neutral at a minimum.

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It worked with without a neutral. The hum was only noticeable when near it.

I wonder about the long term effects this will have on the LED itself. They aren’t designed for this type of dimmer circuitry. I would expect to see shortened life.

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@nmeyer078 True the led bulb will work with the dimmer without a neutral, however not well due to the humming or flickering(which can be more/less intense from one brand of led to the next). The humming that you hear is due to the vibrations within the bulb because the trace energy that the dimmer switch needs to power is not compatible with led bulbs. From my understanding each led bulb has its own threshold needed to turn the leds on, and the problem with dimmers without neutrals is that when the dimmer is off there is still that trace amount of energy, that is needed to power the indicator leds on switches, running throughout the circuit load which causes the certain led bulbs to flicker. Dimmer switches with neutrals provide a release for that trace amount of energy so it doesn’t flow through the circuit load when the dimmer switch is off, thus no flickering even at very low dimming levels. This is why when you install a dimmer switch without a necessary neutral and there is no bulbs in the sockets the indicator lights do not turn on, whereas as soon as you put a bulb in one socket then the indicator lights turn on, and this is because that trace amount of energy is being sent through to the lights and comes right back to the switch powering it. Whereas if you wire up a switch which needs a neutral to function, and remove all the bulbs in the circuit the switch’s indicator lights will function. I am by no means a electrician, however I’ve taken my time researching switch and led compatibility. If my explanation is incorrect please correct me. Knowing how things work really help solve why things don’t work. :smile:

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I have the new jasco JA4512 dimmers,one is controlling two luminus fully dimmable br30 bulbs, the other switch is controlling 4 of the same bulbs. I bought this switch as i heard its the newer models that works with LED’s but the buzz is bothering me. Is there no fix/workaround?

I do have a the neutral connected in both instances and these lights are on a new dedicated run from my panel. They’re part of a new basement construction.

i sent a msg to jasco, i’ll respond back when they reply.

I purchased and installed multiple GE/Jasco (new version) dimmers with LED lights. I had buzzing. I called GE/Jasco customer service (# in the user manual) which is really a misnomer because they don’t treat you like a customer and provide no services. I explained the situation and was told that “LED lights will normally buzz”. I then asked if he knew what phase the switches used (have been advised buzzing can be the result of a phase mismatch) - he told me “I have no idea, he could send an e-mail to the project manager and a response could take up to a month”. I then told him that plenty of people report LED use with dimmers and don’t have buzzing and he told me if I thought it was the switch I should “replace the switch”. I then told him I had 20 different switches (different versions - paddles, toggle etc.) and they were all doing it. He told me again that was because “LEDs buzz when they are dimmed”. I then asked if I could speak to a supervisor and he said he would connect me to a voicemail and someone would call me back. I was then connected to a voicemail that told me “this mailbox is full, thank you for calling” and it then cut me off.

Unfortunately, I am out of the return period for both the switches and the lights. I bought all of them for the rough-in period when we were building our house (about 90 lights and 20 dimmers, some on-off switches that don’t buzz and many more associated add-ons to make 3/4/5 ways). I suspect I do have a phase mismatch (would be better to know rather than suspect but getting that critical info from GE seems impossible). Since I have well over $5000 invested in switches and lights I’m going to live with it for now. We move in next week and my plan is to see after we move in which rooms the buzz bothers me the most. I’ll gradually replace the LEDs in those rooms (4" recessed LEDs - cheaper than replacing the switches) and will this time test new LEDS (within’ the return period) before buying more than one.

In short, given my experience with customer service (rather lack thereof) and seeming assertion that “all LEDs with GE/JASCO dimmers will buzz” I cannot recommend that anyone use the GE/JASCO switches. Certainly if you do choose to go with the GE switches test them on a small scale before going large scale.

I hope you have a better result than I did.

Thanks for the reply. Hopefully enough ppl have contacted them recently that they have looked into the issue and have some troubleshooting options to advise

I really have not had good experiences with z-wave dimmers in general. I’ve replaced most of mine. Over time they either seem to fail completely or start modulating with LEDs.

Which LED light are they specifically? Are they built ins? or consumer replaceable bulbs?

For anyone else reading, this is exactly why you should always test light & switch combinations before outfitting an entire house.

They are the luminus brand LED’s from costco. The pkg states fully dimmable.

Old topic but I’ll update with my experience.

I just finished installing GE Z-Wave Dimmers the new ones 12724. I have 3 Cree Led in the ceiling to each Dimmer and the LED buzz like crazy. Its not even bearable. The Cree LED do not buzz at all in my downstairs with just a dumb on/off switch. I have Philips Warm Glow LED hooked up to a three way GE Z-Wave dimmer and the lights give off an ever so soft buzz when dimmed. 1 Cree is 10x louder than then 3 philips all together. Home depot had a sale for about 5$ for either the Cree or the Philips warm glow. I should have gone all philips. The Warm Glow ones are also much more pleasing and closely match the color of incandescent bulbs. They soften as you dim too. The cree stay one color and are a much cooler color despite being the same color temperature rating.

I also have some Cree Four Flow A19 or something like that, they are also dimmable. I have them in my outdoor lights on Z Wave Dimmers. They are in plastic globe fixtures and I cannot hear them buzz, 2 lights to 1 switch. I also have A GE Link Bulb and that does not buzz either, but that’s not on dimmer, but is dimmable through the app. When I get up I’ll try putting the Cree A19 in my overheads and see if they buzz with the dimmers.

As far as Dimmer Buzz, the dimmers like all dimmers buzz but it is only audible with my ear practically on the switch and I have 4 Z-wave dimmers installed in 1 box. The only odd thing I find is I have 3 Primary Switching and 1 add on. The add on despite only supposedly there to trigger the primary also buzzes.

Ill have about 10 Cree Flood bulbs going back to home depot in exchange for the Philips. I hope they are either still on sale or theyll price match them. Online has them at 8$ or so a piece now.

I have tried the following soft white dimmable BR40 bulbs with my newly purchased 12724 dimmer from Lowes. It seems this dimmer switch is much more finicky with bulbs other dimmers have no issue with. Hopefully this helps someone, I did a lot of driving and buying/returning trying to find a compatible bulb. Way more work than I expected for a simple dimmer switch!

Home Depot:

  • Feit Electric LED 65w dimmable BR40 - UPC 0780145923 = Buzzing at anything less than full power

  • Cree 2700k LED 65w dimmable BR40 - UPC 849665008552 = Even worse buzzing at anything less than full power


  • Sylvania Ultra LED 85w dimmable BR40 - UPC 046135791772 = Perfect! No buzz even down to 1% brightness. Plus it puts out 1100 lumens per bulb
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