LIFX not working - no sings of integration anymore

As of today none of my LIFX lights are working with SmartThings. I’m in the app now and they aren’t responding. The scenes & automations I’m using are showing “executed” but there is clearly no connection between the app and the lights.

I’m also not seeing anywhere to edit, undo, or redo connections with devices.

I was really hoping the new & improved SmartThings app would be a bit more intuitive, but I see I’m still hunting around random menus to find odd locations of where things like this are stored. For example, no where do I see a list of connected/integrated accounts where I could attempt to log out of and log back in. Am I missing something?

Please see:

LIFX bulb stopped working today

menu > settings (the cog icon) > connected services

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Thanks - will read now.

Thanks! I thought I had checked both apps but didn’t see this. Thanks for the link.

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Sure thing. I went through the same issue.